Does a car dealership always have to run a credit check before negotiating monthly payments?

Hey everyone,
Went a Hyundai dealership today to look at a new Elantra. I really liked it and wanted to buy it today and the sales manager said “we’ll see if we can make the numbers work.”

However, he wanted me to fill out a credit application before we went any further. I have good credit (712 score) and told them that I had checked it in the last month and that I wanted to know how much the payments were based on that score. I had several other dealerships to visit and didn’t want to get checked 4-5 times, which looks bad. I also said if I was off on my score if they had a good price, that we could alter it based on what they found. He refused to help me any further without the credit application filled.

My best friend was able to negotiate on a new Yaris without the credit application and when they struck a deal, they checked it because he was happy with buying the car at the payments offered and everything went through smoothly.

Was I being unreasonable?

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