Do you understand WHY the Democrats implemented the forced insurance clause of the health law?

I mean, do you really understand?

No stupid uneducated political crap please. Honest debate here

Republicans really hate that part of the bill. But, there is a good reason for it.

By keeping Americans with pre-existing conditions insured and not letting health insurance companies cherry pick the healthy and drop families with a sick family member, they left an opening for cheaters.

A cheater would NOT buy health care until they were sick and then take advantage of the pre-existing condition clause to buy health insurance as needed.

There are other alternatives to forcing everybody to buy insurance but none of them are any more attractive. Should we deny emergency care to people without health care (i.e. People that refused to buy insurance). If so, how do we identify a critically injured person brought to the hospital that chose no health care and is society ok letting them die (or going after their assets to pay). Is society ok with letting a child die that is part of a family whose parents denied to purchase health care?

Oddly, I heard a Republican Senator indicating that their plan also has a pre-existing condition safeguard. But, he did not give any details on how he intends on avoiding this problem.

Because, people cheat. You (if you wanted) could go to any public hospital and get treated and NOT PAY. Because YOU don’t cheat does not mean that you CAN’T cheat. Furthermore, if you were to come down with a very serious illness with very costly treatment, perhaps paying out of pocket would not be so easy.

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