Do you think the credit rating system is flawed?

the scoring system of credit is now rated personal rather than financial management. I often get companies: “Your credit score indicates the type of character and morality” Credit scores are reviewed to determine whether this person should be hired or not, even if the job has nothing to do with finances . A large number of bad loans were to people who could not pay the mortgages issued, and the lender is ignoring their bad debts. In addition, your earnings are not even as part of your credit score. You can be poor and still have good credit and you can be rich, but still no credit. The amount of income should be an important factor in credit score. For example, if you have more than double the average income is $ 90K more per year while increasing your credit score. And if your work is the minimum wage should decrease your credit score. If you repay a large loan for the car or a mortgage, your credit score drops even more. If you close a credit card, your credit score decreases, while the closing credit card is a good thing, because you debt free by this. Clearly, the credit rating system is very poor. They have only good credit score, if you have revolving debt – which will continue to pay the debts regularly, but never 100% debt free. If you continue to pay your balance in full each month, so the credit card companies do not like you and do not send a good report, if they report to credit bureau. But if you keep a minimum balance or pay a little bit more than the minimum, send credit card companies report positive if the credit bureau report and your guests will actually höher.auch people often say: “You should loans and credit cards, because it is a good credit rating for you to build. “Also, I heard,” credit and credit cards is an excellent opportunity to build good credit “if you are debt free and still has never taken a loan or credit card, you are classified as risk borrowers, and you would for any type of loan or card refused werden.auch another huge drawback: you file bankruptcy and your credit score is destroyed. However, you are debt free, which is a very good thing. As a debt free even your credit score should be erhöhen.Erdnussbutter: Why is the portion of income from your credit score? Is it in order, minimum wage workers with 800 + credit score and a person with $ 100,000 + income from a credit score of 400? income determines how likely you are to pay your debts. Why is it relevant in the peanut butter side Credit if your income is equal to 0, how long will it stumble before you delinquincy? Your credit is good, because the right of your income. no income or low income, that is why people can not pay their debt and default

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