Do you think mortgage rates are down over the next 30 days? I know this is not a sure thing, but I’m curious.

We intend to refinance our ARM 7 years (5.125%, due 12/2011) and 7.9% 2 mortgages. For now we can get to 6.25% in a mortgage, but we were hoping for a 6.125 or 6% mortgage (since we are not in a huge race for refinancing, but do it safely, because the rates are fairly decent 30-year loan). I know that the Fed could lower the price again before the end of the year, but I’m not directly related to risk as much as stocks, bonds and treasury bills. These are aspects of the contract I have a clue … What do you think will happen or what would you recommend we do for me? We would pay less than we pay now, whatever happens, we’re going to refi, it’s just a matter of Zeit.Dank sooooo much for your help! If you get the best / accurate prediction or recommendation, I will send you a box of candy (7-layer bars, cookies, brownies, or your choice)! And they are fantastic, I promise FYI: We plan to stay here for at least 10 years older. Otherwise, we would not think would werden.Ich wechseln.Unser credit for $ 320,000 would also note that our mortgage payment would increase from $ 2,428 to $ 2,358 (6.5%). Our second mortgage at 7.9% at 90,000 is the reason … We paid $ 9000 in principle, in the last 33 months and our house is $ 380,000 (estimated) bewertet.Kaufen the rate you actually cost more, even long term, so we will not do wieder . Vielen Thanks, everyone, for all your thoughtful responses! I wish I had more … I think we can afford to wait several months – if needed – at a rate slightly higher to catch. Our credit is good (700 +) so I think we can get a decent loan.

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