Do you think it sounds like we have a good chance at selling our house with the repairs we made, eventho…?

It didn’t sell for a whole year after being on the market? When we first moved in our Double Wide home 3 years ago, which is a 93′ model, it had old fridge, stove, washer, and dryer (maybe from the early 90’s). We replaced all of those appliances in a matching set. They are all white fridgidaire. We bought those brand new. Also since we moved here, he replaced the whole AC unit and Hot water heater. He also painted a few of the rooms which were wallpapered from when it was built.. so you can imagine the walls looked nasty. The only thing i think will turn people away is the carpet, which is a blue and has wrinkled up i guess you could say. We are talking about having someone come in and clean it and tighten it up. Also, the kitchen floor has a few mud stains on it and some other little problems here and there (nothing major). We are trying to get out of debt and that is why we are trying to sell the home. He bought the house 3 years ago for $ 98,000. When we got it appraised a year ago (before we updated everything and made all the changes), they appraised it as 121,000. I was shocked. Now that we have done all of these repairs, i am thinking that if we sell, we can use the remaining balance to pay off our debts, get married and move into a nicer home with cheaper payments or at least look for something in better condition. We have 2 loan bills over 1,000$ a piece from having to replacing the AC and a couple of other reasons. We also have 2 credit cards and our furniture bill that we racked up from buying the new appliances for the kitchen. Since our credit is bad, we cannot get approved for a home equity loan, a personal loan AND we cannot refinance. My boyfriend has a 12 hour job that he works 6 days a week and he would get a 2nd job to get out of debt, but they keep changing up his hours and they are not understanding about anything. Everything is very overwhelming and hard to deal with and selling the home seems to be our only option of saving from foreclosure and causing our credit score to drop even more. Please let me know what you think we could do.. and also.. if we put the house up for the market, are we allowed to have our stuff in here while they come look at it? I always see pictures online of homes for sale and they are always empty. :/

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