Do you think illegals are the reason America’s economy is failing?

DO you think it’s okay for banks to give out mortgages and other loans to illegal Mexicans? Using a # called “Tax payer Id #” which you have to get legally (how they get them when they are here illegally and not paying taxes is another story..) When they are caught as illegal they can be deported then what? Does that mortgage get paid? It defaults! These top banks and companies are giving out bogus loans and all their mortgages are defaulting. Wells Fargo (Known in utah to give bank accounts and credit cards etc to people with bad credit and no credit) Gives out mortgages to illegals knowing they are illegal?? and WaMu with most of its mortgages in cali, think most of those defaulting mortgages are too illegals? Who not only can’t afford the loans but have no responsibility for them? I’m sick of this being a “race” issue. It’s called American banks are giving illegal loans to illegals to TRY and make a quick buck. Arizona punishes companies who employ illegal aliens why don’t they start making the banks accountable for their shady practices?

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