Do you think I would be able to get a second mortgage with $125,000 a year plus bonuses?

here is the deal: I own a house that I owe 37,000 dollars on. I make $ 125,000 a year plus bonuses. I want to get a second house for $ 130,000. but I had a few mishaps and my credit is now in the 580-600 range. Now I’m ok everything is paid up and on time. For right now I will be still paying on the first house. My payment is $ 676 a month, and I have college bills of $ 525 a month, and a truck payment of $ 390 a month and pay $ 390 a week in child support. i have 2 credit cards in which i don’t even use. Can I get a mortgage and if so how much down would I have to pay? Any suggestions about anything would be helpful..

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