Do you think American are working together to cheat the foreigners’ money to buy up our real estate?

America issued debt obligation, pretending that there are very secured investment; sold them to foreigners. In fact we put the money into very risky home loan and make profit out of it. Those mortgage warehouses which did not act quick enough suffered and all the foreign investors even suffered more. No one will trust American anymore.

Very few of these sub-prime predatory loans were made by CRA backed institutions, most were made by these big mortgage companies like countrywide which are now bankrupt. And most of the mortgage defaults were people who re-financed, not firts time homebuyers. It was this whole system of commercial banks making these predatory loans and selling the mortagages to investment banks and investment banks selling the mortgages in derivatives to global investors. Now this whole derviative bubble burst and all these global investors have AIG in case they loose money. It was awful greed and corrpution on wall street that caused this mess. Instead of giving trillions of dollars to investment banks to kep donig the same things they have been doing, how about giving the money to homeowners to elimenate mortgages?
true- CRA never forced any bank to make high risk loans, it just ended redlining.

Bernanke said this himself.
well stl many people were scammed by this whole predatory lending system.
I also have a link by Bernanke saying CRA wasn’t to blame, certainly not a democrat.

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