Do you honestly think that pills help improve your mood -or- simple talk therapy?

I don’t think pills would help my depressive situation. I’m always nervous, worrisome, & sad because I’m struggling financially & mentally. Pills won’t improve my credit rating, right? Why do doctors think that PILLS are supposed to solve all of our problems, & then they threaten to have us mentally hospitalized for NOT taking the meds? I still take my meds, anyway, but they’re not helping. I’m in a high-stress situation. If that’s the case, then maybe I need to be mentally hospitalized forever because as long as I’m struggling, I can’t get better. I’m always afraid & worrying about if I might get sued because of my debts or if I might get arrested for my uncontrollable Tourette’s outbursts. I almost got arrested last month & I got banned from an eye clinic because I had an outbursts. People don’t even care to understand your problems, & you have to suffer for what you can’t control.

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