Do you have a Wells Fargo home loan?

I have busted my hump paying my mortgage at Wells Fargo. I have paid on time every time. I have begged for a lower interest rate and have gotten nothing but tough patootie from them.

Now the government is stepping in and using my tax dollars to coerce Wells Fargo into subsidizing a thiefs home with my interest paid on my mortgage. What???,2933,314118,00.html

If you have borrowed money from these scum, please contact me.

Have a Great Day, except you Wells Fargo.
Apparently I was unclear in my former statements. I have been paying on this loan for 10 years. I want them to lower my interest rates and not subsidize the weenies (stronger word necessary) that buy houses with monkey around terms that they can’t afford in the first place.

I have sad news for you, this break is 100% taxpayer and upstanding interest paying mortgagee subsidized. You don’t have a clue.

God Bless

Frank Pytel
I don’t care if some retired couple is depending on the interest. Its not just mine they are depending on. It is also all these loosers who buy houses they can’t afford that makes the retired couples interested in the investment in the first place. Shows great returns. For a couple of months until these weeners default on their contractual obligations. Did they not show up to sign the papers?

What?? Did you even read the question?

For a 100k home loan, would you pick Wells Fargo or Bank of America? Considering Mortgage Rates, Closing Costs, etc.


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