Do you agree with my thesis on middle class Americans?

Middle class people have ruined this country. They buy cars, houses, boats, second homes (vacation homes), expensive pets, fancy clothes, etc.–and cannot afford any of it. They live paycheck to paycheck but don’t stress out over problematic budgetary forecasts, because they know I’ll be there to bail them out. They enrich their lives with materialistic possessions and remain on the brink of economic collapse each week.

Yet they bristle when banks expect them to pay off their mortgage or car loan. Makes no sense to me, ladies and gentlemen. Middle class people think they are entitled to some enhanced quality of life, irrespective of their capacity to finance it. Does that make any sense? Why do middle class Americans think they should be elevated to some higher standard of living? Does not working with a shovel suggest that one should have a house in the suburbs? Middle class people say, ‘yes’. Middle class people are brainwashed into believing that they are cut from a different cloth. Middle class gremlins subscribe to some wayward philosophy that suggests they are deserving of higher standards of living. I don’t buy it!

Middle class American daddies are the worst. Middle class men know nothing about war, nothing about sacrifice, nothing about freedom or tyranny, nothing about devastation, nothing about pain, nothing about what it’s like to have a bomb dropped on their roof……nothing about what it’s like to have their legs blown to bits…..nothing about what it’s like to have a foreign government rain some real terror down on their ******* heads. All they know about is a Neighborhood Association meeting–and they know about setting out Christmas presents in late December. Middle class American daddies go protest with glittery signs and think they are something significant. They ‘write their Congressman’ in order to alleviate all the stress they’re burdened with. What a joke!

So, do you agree with me?

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