Do we tell the mortgage co that our old house is now a second home vs primary residence? Will it affect loan?

My wife is on the old house note without me (her credit was better at the time – 3 yrs ago), and the new house note is in my name only (because we hadn’t sold the old one yet). We are considering renting it out but dont want to rock the boat and have to refi it or something. The insurance co of the old house caught wind because of a mail forwarding issue and now they want to know what our status with the old home is.
Just to clarify… my main concern is the old mortgage co. I assume they would want me to tell them if there was a change in status. I have heard that changing to a rental is a grounds from calling the loan due. So I thought telling them (and the insurance co) that its a second home might be done but don’t know the consequences I might face by the mtg co (ie a forced rate change or calling loan due?)

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