Do student loans significantly lower your credit?

I became very ill my undergraduate year of college, making it a little more rough with medical distractions but still graduated and am attending graduate school in the Fall! I have been very proud of that. However, even after all my aid, I will not have enough to cover all of my college costs. I thought about working but it’s a 55hr degree and my doctors are sharply advising me against it. So, now it’s down to loans and the only possible person I have as a co-borrower is my brother. Sadly, he said he won’t help me b/c he doesn’t want to mess up his credit by putting student loans on it and is nonchalant about the fact that without him, I won’t be able to attend school.

Do student loans really sabotage your credit? I mean, I feel like if I can convince him that they’re not totally bad, he might help me?
Sorry, I wasn’t really clear. Due to my medical past/history, my doctors are advising me against working AND going to school at the same time.

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