Do Neocons make Excellent sales people!?

Neocons are akin to those who go round terrorizing the elderly people in their own homes. One example after watching a documentary on this, which reminded me of those Neocons and I just had to mention this on here, is how after allowing these despicable con artists into you’re home, they won’t hesitate on going to work you by throwing dangerous sounding words and terminologies your way. These Neocons will tell you how after a brief inspection, you and your home are doomed, how the little crack in the wall outside will one day cause them to collapse, thus the roof to cave in on you? Scary! If that wasn’t bad enough, they even go as so far to tell you that if you do not spend thousands upon thousands doing the right thing, that is, give them you’re hard earned cash for nothing, that you will surely die an early death, only due to your own negligence and failure to listen.
They also claim to be qualified, a chartered surveyor they claim! Bollox, we all know they’re nothing but salesman and the only thing they are good at is scare mongering, stealing your money and making money, whilst you don’t know any better. Anyway, BBC1 is doing it’s best to clamp down on these rogue traders and it’s about time we clamped down on these rogue politicians as well.

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