Do mortgage loan officers/processors have a high turn over rate?

My friend said they did and I was wondering if that was true? If so, why? && could you also get a job as a loan officer/processor with no experience at some places? I called this mortgage broker looking for a job as a loan officer and left them a voicemail. I also said that I was taking a mortgage lending class. They called me back several weeks later and wanted me to come in to talk or an interview or something like that. But I said that I wanted to wait until I’ve completed my class. My mortgage lending teacher told me that I should be a loan processor first, then work up to becoming a loan officer. I am considering calling them back to see if they have any loan processor jobs available for right now. I have no real work experience because my parents wouldn’t let me have a job in high school. I was only a telemarketer for about a week this summer. I am going to start volunteering within this next week, so I could use that as a reference. Any ideas or thoughts about my situation?
Do you think I will have any problems getting a job with that mortgage broker? It seems like that specific place is in need of loan officers/processors.

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