Do I Need To Pay My Deceased Parents Mortgage- No Will Left?

I am asking this question for my mom. She is the only survivor of my grandparents which are now deceased and have left no will. My grandparents got a loan with a mortgage lender using there home as collateral and left a balance owing. Someone told her that all she had to do was send lender copies of death certificates and title to home would be clear. Is that possible? Insurances left were merely enough for funeral expenses. My mom does not want to lose the home and has been making out of pocket payments since my grandfather was in the nursing home two years ago. Moms income has dropped dramatically and now the State of Texas wants to claim the home for nursing home expenses…my grandfather had both Medicaid and Medicare since 1996 and all his monthly pension went directly to the home the entire two years he was there. What can she do to the keep the home? Is she liable for the balance on the mortgage? She wants to keep the home but have her payments been in vain since the State of Texas wants to claim the home? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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