Do I need a written easement for more of my act, a mortgage loan for the construction of a house in a rural area?

I’m writing an easement can get a mortgage to build a house in a rural area. My country is located outside the city limits. I understood that within the city and not necessary in rural Gebieten.Spock ….. I own a piece of land, but I did it with another earth people. People who own land behind me have to go through the same path. There are no easements on this path … But you understand that landowners each of us can use them. I do not know if that’s what you call the grandfather clause or something similar. But I have easy access to my country, nobody got locked out, I would build a house on my acreage, but I’m not sure if I need a written easement for a loan mortgage for the construction of houses. They told me that he was in the city, I should need it, but outside the city, I will not.
I wonder what that means. The realitor told us the house is eligible for 100 percent financing. What does this mean? The mortgage broker said that we must make a down payment and pay closing costs on a house of 5000,00 100,000. It makes no sense to me. The credit score is the 623rd Thank

Johnston Family Rural Development Home Loan

Children love to Johnston. Ben Johnston’s family now and Angie, and children Braeden, Ellyana, Christian, Maximus, Isabella, Riya Eli and Luke. With additional funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a record 2,400 families in rural Iowa has received 3.2 million mortgage assistance from USDA Rural Development in 2010.

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