Do I have my mortgage lender or insurance company report, if I shoot well in a rental house?

I rent my house for about 5 years since I bought it in 2006. Recently, I spoke to a representative on the phone with my lender on the house and I said that I rent. He made a comment about how I would not, it’s like an object, but then rejected, as if he had not heard and talked about the issue I described above. I did not ask him in detail and I do something, I would not do. I do not know much about mortgages, but I know I have something that is a 80/20, so I have two separate loans on the property, a mortgage is a Home Equity Loan. Is this something to do with it or could it be from the perspective of the insurer? I have homeowners’ insurance and an additional service, repairs covering called American Home Shield. Is there an extra blanket I need to rent? All ideas are welcome, so I can avoid costly mistakes.

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