Do I have a predatory lending case worth fighting in court?

When I refinanced my home in 2006, I was offered a adjustable rate negative amortization loan. The loan officer told me that the loan would flip over into a more stable loan in one month’s time without any cost to me. The loan did flip but with closing costs that were folded into the new loan. The terms were the same though. I did not know much about differed interest, negative arm loans, sub-prime or any of these other things were. I trusted (regrettable in hindsight) the loan officer at the time and I signed whatever I was told to. Now I am stuck in this monster of a loan but I am not in foreclosure. I have been paying this loan on time but there seems to be no way out of this loan. The principle has gone so high that I would never qualify for new loan or reasonable modification. It does not seem there is any government help for sub-prime loans that are not in foreclosure. I feel what was done to me was totally unfair lending. I would have never refinanced my mortgage a second time, one month later, if I knew it wouldn’t help me out financially.

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