Do I have a good chance to buy a house?

I search for a home, and VA has already approved for a mortgage that suits you more than I want to borrow. Teen 38k per year, have paid all my debts except student loans (which are more for next year), the contribution is recorded 5k, 1.5k saved in an emergency, and credit is decent ( just over 700). I put a 120k house in the offer, the seller pays the closing 5k 1k kulud.Ma do a little more than every two weeks, after maxing my company match 401k, and company health insurance benefits. If I buy 8k tax advantage of the time I’ll spend a good part of my student loan, and save the second part of my car fund and reserve fund. I’m 22 and still in college, almost valmis.Mida yall think I’m in a good position to buy? 10k I am also eligible for scholarship money from a mortgage lender, but I think the funding will run out of time, I’m going under contract, so I’m not bank their money. It is possible for me to save up to 5 km to 10 km before closing the home. I am a computer programmer, and I do freelance work from time to time on the side of my regular income.

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