Do husband and wife have to be on Mortgage in florida?

After we were married, my wife and I bought a house in MI with only her on the mortgage. (I think I signed a deed of some sort). Now we are moving to Florida, and I am going to put the mortgage in my name. My question is, does my wife have to be on the actual mortgage with the lender, or just sign the deed? I don’t want to put her on the mortgage since we still have yet to sell the MI house, plus she isnt working and it would wreck our DTI. I am approved for the mortgage off my income. Do I technically own a home even though Im not on the mortgage in MI? Would this actually be a second home? Do I have to disclose the MI house to the lender since they will not see it on my credit report.

Someone told me I had to put her on the title AND mortgage, unless I call the house a 2nd home.

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