do banks who have foreclosed on a home 100% guaranteed to have it insured?

I went for a home loan last year and insurance was required and part of the loan was a years worth of insurance, estimated.
The loan officer said that after closing it’s the responsibility of the “borrower” to get home owner’s insurance.
So, if a house has been foreclosed on, is it a sure thing (100%) that the bank that has foreclosed on the house, has it insured?
They would some how verify if the foreclosed on owner has kept it insured and if not, get it insured since the bank’s banks asset is the house until they are paid. I guess the bank would have some way to find out if the home owner and person being foreclosed on, did indeed have it insured.
what makes you think they are going to insure a property they own?

what do you mean by THEY?
the occupant or the bank?
The bank does not own the house until the foreclosure auction and they buy it at auction.
I need to know if a house I want to bid on is 100% insured from the date of the auction to the date of the deed in my name. I assume the bank would 100% have it insured. Right or wrong?
Because I have to put down 5% at the auction and have 20 days to pay the rest. If I fail to pay I can be fined or in contempt of court. I have found a way to insure it once I own it and before they vacate but is it 100% sure to be insured between auction date and closing?

If someone owed me $ 40,000 and all they had was the house and I had a lien on it, I’d make sure it is insured, or the occupant could destroy it and leave town and I’ve lost my asset, the house the lien was on.
if anyone does not understand the question please ask.
well, 99.9% might not do me any good.
The house could be gutted inside by the closing date. I am not legally able to inspect it until the deed is in my name, and even then only with the occupants permission. The system on foreclosures creates alot of risk for the home buyer.
I like to never found a way to insure it once in my name, but I did finally, as the issue was that I’d be the owner but the occupant would not be technically a tenant, but the previous owner who might have to be forced out. So, I finally found insurance for the period from closing to vacate but it seems, so far, there is no guarantee that it is insured now and will be until closing. If the tenant refused to pay the $ 200 mortgage, they may have not paid the $ 40 a month insurance. MAYBE, these banks have some blanket coverage that kicks in once the have foreclosed and served papers and it covers the house in case it is under-insured, or not insured at all by the non paying occupant.
if the occupant owes Wells Fargo $ 38,000 and the only way the bank can get their money is to foreclose on the house and sell it, it seems very likely (100%) that Wells Fargo has their “asset” insured. A real estate agent who deals with Wells Fargo said they have an umbrella policy, when they foreclose on a home, that home goes straight under the policy. And they do not worry about contents because contents belong to the home owner who is being foreclosed on.
no one said it was an investment property. I’d be buying it at the foreclosure auction for my primary residence.
no one said it was an investment property. I’d be buying it at the foreclosure auction for my primary residence.

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