Disputing Credit Inquiries?

Hello Everyone!

I had a few questions on disputing credit inquiries on my credit report.

I’ve had 2 response so far.
The first sent me back my original letter that said to show me my authorization for running the report or delete the inquiry, they sent it back with a letter of collection. They did not address my letter at all!
Can I just wait the 30 days and then call them and demand they now delete the inquiry as they did not respond in the allowed time?

The second response was a letter asking for more information.
Am I required to give them more information? Shouldn’t they have all my info if they ran my credit?
And if I do need to send them more info can I fax it?
I sent my letters certified mail of course, but it would be cheaper to fax them back, but then I would only have the OK from the fax going through and no signature. Is this ok?

Thanks for the help!

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