Did Bush Admin/GOP assist in the Washington Mutual FRAUD?


From 2001 to 2007, Washington Mutual committed the worst banking fraud in US history. Loaning out mortgage money that they knew would not be paid back. They insured the loans and collected the commissions. Then they tried to hide the bad loans on their balance sheets. Some Federal regulators noticed the fraud, but were told to look away by the GOP and Bush administration. Why did the GOP and the Bush administration allow the worst banking fraud in US history to continue for nearly 8 years? The Washington Mutual failure cost the taxpayer nearly $ 200 billion. Where were the Tea people? Why aren’t they complaining? Why aren’t they asking for Bush to be imprisoned?

I am currently doing a project for my finance class. We are buying a house for $ 510,000. My group asked me to find out information on interest rates that banks give for mortgage loans. I am currently looking for the interests rates from Washington Mutual and Bank of America. Where do I go to find this out? Is it located on their website somewhere or do I have to call the banks? Any information will be very helpful.

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