Denied for mortgage modification program after waiting for over a year.?

Welsh Fargo denied me for the mortgage modification. They stated that they denied because I am current on my mortgage loan and after reviewing the financial information I provided them, they have determined that I am not at risk of default. My husband has been unemployed for almost 2 years. He received unemployment benefits for the past year now benefits exhausted themselves and he is not eligible anymore. We are going to lose our house and just don’t know what to do. Please help with any advice.

The loan company had an appraisal done on our house and the 1st appraisal came in at 125,000 which was extremely low. When I had a second appraisal done it came back at 145,000 which was still low but acceptable. When I say low I mean that I had opinions made by other appraisers and real estate agents. Now, my loan company is telling me that it has been sent to an enhanced desk review and we will have to spare the cost. What is this?

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