Deduction of foreign property tax and mortgage secured on foreign property?

I have (own, no mortgage) a condo (condo # 1) in my mother contry (contry # 1). This condo # 1 is a rental property ( I and my family (Not USA citizens or residents) did not use it more than 14 days or 10% of the year). I got a mortage (or say “loan”) secured on the condo # 1 and brought all money to USA to buy another condo # 2 where I live now. I usually remit money back to contry # 1 every three months to pay the mortgage (loan). I have all documentation from foreign bank and money remitting to prove the regular payment of the mortgage (loan).
May I deduct interest paid to the bank in contry # 1( I think the money is used to buy my condo # 2 though it is not a security)?
May I deduct property tax of condo # 1 as a foreign tax deduction?

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