debt settlement program?

How much is the fee usually associated with a debt settlement programs? Note I am talking about “debt settlement” program not “debt consolidation” prorgram. I called two places and both the fee is 15% of the total balance of the outstanding debt. I guess I want to know if that’s the standard fee to pay for debt settlement or if there’s anything lower out there then I will keep searching.

Please answer directly to the question I asked only. Don’t go telling me how these programs are a scam and that I will end up paying more money with these programs blah blah blah, and I don’t need advice about other options to lower my debt. Just answer the question I asked thank you!! 🙂
They are all credit card debts

On debt settlement program like the onr offered by this site:
I actually used a debt settlement program a while ago, they did a settlement for me for 40%, but they charged me a 15% fee, so at the end it ended up being 55%. I am just wondering if there’s anything out there that charges less for the fee. I know there’s a lot of rip-off settlement agency that actually charge more, so I am wondering if I actually paid too much when I paid 15% back then…

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