Debt Relief Act of 2007?

My ex partner and I bought a condo in Atlanta, Ga. However, we were forced to move because our jobs were ending and moved to Chicago because of job offers. We tried for two years to sell the property. We finally took it off the market and got approval from our HOA to rent the condo out. This helped us a little with the payments. Our mortgage is over $ 18,000 and the people renting the unit is paying $ 1,100. This does not include our HOA fees. We are now 4 months behind. We have been paying some but not the full amount each month. I have spoken to one bankruptcy attorney and he said I should file a chapter 7. However, I’m current on everything else and have had very good credit for a long time. I have no credit card debt. All I have is this mortgage that I no longer can pay and on a condo that I will never return too. I also have a car payment. I have tried to work with Wells Fargo to do a loan modification, we were rejected. The loan is for $ 254,000 and it’s currently on the market for $ 185,000. It’s been on the market for over 100 days and not one person we have yet to find a potential buyer. Now I have requested a deed-in-lieu. I’m told that I should file a chapter 7 bankruptcy otherwise the IRS will come after me and the bank may come after me for the difference. I need serious help and advice as I do not know what my options are. I don’t own any other properties and am wondering if my condo is considered an investment property even though we did not buy it for that reason. We have never made any money from the renters. Even though we were forced to move for jobs does this mean that our apartments is considered our “second” home?? I can’t seem to find anyone who can tell me if I qualify for the debt relief act of 2007. Can you help me or help me get in contact with someone who can help me?

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