Debt consolidation through a counceling service versus chapter 13?

Were considering chapter 13 and were wondering if having all of our debts worked through one of those credit services that lower interest rates and payments would be a better/equal alternative. We bring home about 7,000 per month after taxes and have a mortgage of about 2200 per month. Were afraid that our disposable income will give us a large BK payment. If our BK payment is going to be a thousand or more than what is the use fiilng BK in the first place. Our credit card payments now are about $ 2,200 per month. I figure I can get them lowered through making deals to a thousand. Were very confused at this point. Any suggestions?
Actually Bert,

The 2,600 that you think we are mishandling goes to 2 car payments, insurance, utilities, food and clothing for our 3 kids, $ 4 per gallon gas to get around and you’d be surprised to find out there is very very little left over to have all sorts of fun that people who are hemmoraging money get to have.

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