debt collectors want back rent, court fees, late fees, damages…?

an unlawful detainer was filed against me and I answered I had no intention to remain living there but wanted the case to go to court because I knew what they were doing was wrong. so I found a new place and began moving out. The apts attorney contacted me to settle out of court after receiving my answer and I told them I would pay rent owed (1 month) plus days i occupied I just didnt want to pay their attorney fees. He later called me back and told me the court date. I went to court and they didnt show. I went back to the apt to continue cleaning and gather the rest of my belongings and a notice to enter my apt was on the door to check for abandonment the day before court. I called the office and they were surprised I went to the trial and that they filed an abandonment against me (which they didnt I checked). 3 weeks go by and I call for my security deposit invoice and they say they wont talk to me that I trashed the apt and that I owed (past my 1200 desposit) and to contact their lawyer. I get a call 1 week later from a debt collecting agency saying I have to pay 1 month rent (plus late fee), days I was there in the next month, damages, court fees (for the unlawful detainer they didnt attend), and utility bill. When we went to court the judge had told us that in order for them to collect any money they’d have to refile a separate claim.this debt collecting agency told my bf 1 thing and me another. told him they could garnish his wages and that they were not contracted by the apts.and that we’d have to make a 10% payment by 4pm same day or it all goes on our credit. but when i called they said that the apts were their clients and that I can call in 3 days with my answer to their proposal of payment and that it could go to district court. Im extremely confused and angered I never recieved my itemized invoice for my security deposit nor did I even abandon the property I was waiting for the court judgment before I made it official I had ever intention to make repairs and my sdge was still on past the time I apparently “abandoned” the apt. Was the judge right in what he said or do I need to pay this debt collector all that money/ (in the unlawful detainer complaint they asked for 1 month rent (no late payment), as well as the days I occupied in excess and did not specify attorney fees. help!

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