Debt and a baby??

I have just found out i am pregnant and dont know what to do. I am in £18-£19k worth of debts. I live with my boyfriend and his mum and dad as we cannot afford our own place. My boyfriend has only been working for 3 weeks in a new job but doesnt earn a great deal. I cant get another consolidation loan so my monthly payments are lower as my credit is so bad finance companies will not touch me. I cant cope with all this debt at the moment let alone when my baby comes along. I know I was stupid to get pregnant so no comments about that please. Any ideas what to do for the best?? I have even considered suicide as i dont know where else to turn and my baby will not have a good life. I want to keep my baby more than anything in the world. Please help.
Jen you are right. I have thought about it but i would never actually go through with it. This baby is the most importnat thing to me know i just have to figure out a way to sort out my finances so i can care for this child 100% and give it the best life it deserves.

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