dealing with debt?

im only 22 years old, im not in bad debt, but enough to keep my digging for money…i guess im about $ 4,000 in, some of you may say thats nothing to worry about, but i cant afford to pay $ 300 a month on each to lower it…back last year i enrolled with a bill consolidation company, at the time i thought i found the answer! but to my dismay they screwed me over more than anything, i was paying them about $ 290 a month to make my payments for me, then all of a sudden i was getting calls from creditors saying my payments were over 2 months late and never on time which i was paying late charges instead of the intial payments. Recently i thought about inrolling with another, trying to find one that was possibly approved by the government or state. My question is how can i compromise with the creditors myself, instead of putting my money on the line? Do they have like “hardship” departments? please help!
i cant get rid of my car, its paid off, i have a 45 min drive to work everyday, and we have no public transportation

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