Dad buying new home and making me owner for tax benefits BUT I need to get house loan?

My father and Uncle are jointly buying a secondary property. Both already have a primary residence, so they want my cousin and I to be joint owners of the house. I’m single and currently not a house owner, last year I paid over $ 25,000 in taxes so the savings for me could be substantial (also for cousin).

The intent is that my cousin and I will buy the house (but all money coming from parents). Unfortunately, my uncle just informed me that my cousin and I are the ones who need to get the house loan in order for us to claim deductions on next year’s taxes.

I had a few questions on which I would like some input from you guys:
1) Can there be a joint-owner of a primary residential property AND both of us able to deduct mortgage from taxes?
2) Can my cousin and I [primary resident owners] receive tax benefits without SIGNING the house loan. Don’t want my credit score to be hurt because our parents failed to pay.
3) Any other potential problems? Like if I want to buy a car or a house?

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