Credit score & student loans?

I will need to consolidate $ 13k in private loans when I graduate. That’s just a small part of my loans, but the rest are federal. I’m pretty sure I can consolidate my federal without an issue & by myself.

I will need a co-signer for my consolidation of private student loans. My mom is the co-signer on them. If she was able to co-sign the loans, will it be likely she can co-sign the consolidation?

I have 4 years of credit history built up. I’ve never had any late payments on my 3 credit cards. My student loans are in deferrment. I pay my entire blances every month. I don’t have any other credit. My credit report shows all 13 accounts in good standing. When I consolidate, I’ll hopefully be working & will be making at least $ 30k.

My co-signer, my mom, will have a credit score of 720+ with a $ 250k mortgage, 10k parent plus loan & income of $ 75-80k a year. She also pays off her entire balance on her credit cards every month. She doesn’t have car loans, because she paid cash. She also has a lot in liquid assests as well.

On top of this information. What else can I do as a college student to raise my credit score? I’ll keep paying my credit card bills in full, but I’m not sure what else I can do.

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