Credit Score Problem ?

Recently I purchased a Suzuki Hayabusa from a friend who runs a dealership. I waffled between an 04 and an 01 but I finally went with the 01. Instead of using their financing I went to my bank of five years. I acquired a handwritten proof purchase which I took to the bank and signed the loan papers. However a few weeks later I get a call from the bank that the proof purchase had 2004 instead of 2001 printed on it, and because the four in 2004 is a bit darker then the other numbers they started suggesting I change the year to get a better loan. I got the dealer to call and explain that we were deciding between two bikes and he had probably just written the wrong number and they granted the new loan. However I am worried this will be a problem when i purchase a house in the next few years.

Should I be worried? Or will a perfect payment history on the bike dispel any doubts?

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