Credit Score & Mortgage?

I am 23 years old, I have a credit score 795 Exact, I have no debt whatsoever, I have 5 credit cards limits totaling around 80,000+, all installment loans have been paid and all credit cards are zeroed out, but yet for a 675000 mortgage for a 835000 home (20% down) of a why am I gettin quoted a 12.325% APR, imma mortgage officer (as policy I can not request a loan from the company) but what is going on I am even putting a good enough downpayment down, by my standard at my company (can’t releave name) I should be getting a below prime rate of around 4.875%, but that rate is almost 3 times that anybody have any insight? (wierd im the mortgage officer and im asking the questions)
Yes I know of jumbo (417,000+ for Va) and super jumbos ($ 1,000,000) but my point is that even at my bank a subprime jumbo buyer still gets around a 10%, in the mortgage world 0.250 % is a lot, in reality what you heard is wrong, jumbo loans are not defaulting a majority of the loans that are defaulting are that of $ 250,000 or less

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