Credit monitoring service…repairing credit, is this service necessary?

I am in the process of repairing my credit. I already have the most up-to-date credit reports from the 3 major bureaus which I got for free from

While repairing my credit, having debts deleted or paid off, etc…I want to be able to see the changes happening. I can only order my credit reports for free once per year…so cannot check to make sure that collectors are erasing the debts as being requested in negotiations. I was wondering if anyone uses a “realtime” credit monitoring service (preferably that is updated daily, or everytime a change is made to the report), so that I can validate my requests are happening.

I’m not so much concerned about the scoring…but if it’s included, then I suppose that’s a bonus. Any suggestions? Is there a way to request my FREE credit report more than once per year (e.g. tell the CRA’s that I am repairing credit, and need a fresh copy, etc) without having to pay each time?
Micki…you did not read my question at all. I am talking about online monitoring services, not a debt consolidator or debt management service. I am doing the work myself.
Sgt Big Red, thanks for the response. Are you referring to “they” as the CRA’s (Equifax, Experian, TU)? “They” make changes all the time to reports, without sending you an updated report, thus why you have to request it. Otherwise, every time someone inquires into my credit file, or reports me (adversely or positively), I would get a new credit report in the mail. I’m not so sure who you’re referring to…

If you mean the collection agency will send me an updated report, I wouldn’t count on that either…they just want their money to settle the debt, not send me an updated report.

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