Credit issues how do I get out of a credit /collections situation?!?

I was not able to make my regular minimum payments on my Household Bank credit card and so my account (which was closed anyway) was sent over to a collection agency-NCB Management. When I was contacted by NCB about an arrangement plan to pay the $ 3,000 balance I owe, I was told that 6 months will be the maximum amount of time I will be allowed to settle my debt with them. I made the first payment but since I was still able to access my online account at Household Bank and also receive emails from them (that the payment was posted, etc.) I decided to give them a call and ask if I could make my payments online to them (Household Bank) instead of going along with NCB’s plan, the reason being I could extend the time period to pay off my balance and therefore reduce my payments. A number of representatives from Household told me that I could do this, all I will have to do is call NCB and let them know that I will be paying Household directly, I was also told that NCB cannot take any legal action against me if I make payments on the account even though I will not make them through NCB. I was told that the account has not been bought by NCB that it was still with HSBC. So, I called NCB and told them this, well the lady on the phone got really aggravated telling me that I cannot do that, that my account at Household will be locked in a month or 2 and so it will be impossible for me to make the payments that way, also that I will still be in collections until I pay that balance and will still have to take calls from them, she was also trying to force me to say on the phone that I refuse to pay them. I did not ask if I will be taken to court if I don’t go along with their payment plan, but I did ask to get a Household person on a conference call, she refused. She also changed her story saying that she never mentioned a six month plan but said it could go up to a year. What should I do, should I go ahead and start making my payments online to Household and ignore the NCB payment schedules/calls whatever they will try to get me to pay? Can they sue me for not paying through them, if I’m still paying through Household? Can I trust the reps at Household, the lady from NCB was convinced that they cannot give such information and that they are misleading me? I also called one of the managers from customer service at Household and he told me the same story as the reps. What I should I do? How can I get out of this mess?

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