Credit Doomed? I never make late payments…?

Over a year ago I talked to Wells Fargo about a home mortgage and was basically laughed at. I ended up talking to someone else and got a loan and a house. Now I opened up a checking account with Wells Fargo and I didn’t realize they were going to open a credit card for me. Well, it was denied and I am so mad! The personal banker I talked to was a fast talking woman and I have opened up multiple (credit cards, etc.) accounts in the last year and am now trying to be careful of any more credit inquiries. ARGH!! I am divorced and therefore I have $ 6,000+ on one credit card I am working on paying for and needed to open up my own credit card accounts (needed appliances, furniture), my own insurance policies, etc. which is why there have been so many inquiries. I have paid off and now paid in full over $ 3,000 on my appliances card and $ 1,700 on my furniture card in the last year. I plan on (hoping to) clean up the rest of the small stuff by the end the year leaving $ 6,000 on one credit card and $ 3,000 on another.

Recently I decided to sell my house with the hopes of buying a new one. After it sells I plan on moving in with my parents until I can get a new place figured out. But with this recent denial, am I doomed? Or is Wells Fargo a tough institution to get loans, etc. through?

Thanks for your help!

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