Credit card debt, FICO score, I need to improve my credit score. help!!!?

Ok So i go to my local powersport dealer to purchase a new ATV. The guy absolutely told me no way no how. And showed me my credit report. Well i have 4 line’s of credit in my name.

1. A fourwheeler i purchased in 2006 which has a current balance of 5300.
2. A credit card with a limit of 1000, and a balance of 920.
3 a credit card with a 500 dollar limit and a 433 balance.
4 a credit card with a 500 dollar limit and a 470 balance.

My credit score is 609. I am 23 ears old. I had a late payment over a year ago. Well i understand why i didnt get financed. Mainly because of how close i am on the credit card limits. Ok so tomorrow i will go and completely pay off the one with $ 470. Next week i will pay off the one of $ 433. And hopefully by the end of december i will pay off the $ 920 one. Im wanting to know that if i pay these of all so sudden will it hurt anything? i wouldnt think so. and also how long should i wait before i try to get financed again? And whats the best thing i can do to boost my credit score.

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