Credit agencies refuse to remove my father’s bad credit from my report?

I’m 21 years of age and have 3 credit cards, all of which are in great standing – I have never been late. I don’t owe a large amount of money. I have no other loans, no mortgages, no medical bills or any real expenses. So you would think I have perfect credit according to the three reporting agencies – Transunion, Experian and Equifax. Not so fast! My father is my opposite: he has terrible credit and owes thousands of dollars in taxes to the state (New York). You see, the problem is that my father and I share the same name – I happen to be the Third. The agencies, for some reason, don’t seem to check social security numbers and just plaster my father’s tax liens and crap on my report. One of the best entries – $ 7000 owed in taxes, reported in -2001-, when I was in 8th grade. So I did the sensible thing and disputed this nonsense – unfortunately, they said they can’t remove this from my record, it has to be done through my county clerk. So I called the clerk, nothing they can do. I had to call another number to get in touch with some state bureau, got the run around from then, told me I had to go to my borough’s record department and get some records proving it’s not mine, got the run around there… point being, I haven’t been getting any help. What are my options?

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