Countrywide is trying to get us to refinance our loan with them. WHY?

We have a 30 year ARM loan with Countrywide @ 10.65%. It is 7 months old. We pay our mortgage before the due date each month and have no credit card debt and no negative credit since paying off all debt 7 months ago. We have almost 50% equity now.
Since they effectively “own” us already, at 10.65% (at least for the next 2 years), why are they aggressively seeking to get us to lock in at a lower 7.5%? The idea sounds great ($ 900 vs. $ 1,400 per month), but it just seems strange to me!
Any insight out there?
When we took out the loan, we were in serious debt with real bad score & huge tax debt. All those items are paid now & we don’t use credit cards.
I just don’t understand why, if they can get the 10.65% interest from us (we have 17 more months before we can pay off without paying the prepayment penalty) that they are ‘offering’ this deal. Please note: there would be no prepayment penalty if we refinanced with them.
\In any event, it still seems like there’s a ‘logistics link’ missing.
I would LOVE to take them up on the offer. It’;s just that this seems like one of those proverbial “Too Good to Be True” situations from which intelligent people run. Hence, my question: WHY?

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