Countrywide declined my loan modification!!! Please help :(?

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I wanted to share with everyone what just happened to me this morning and also ask some advice is if I could…

Countrywide called me this morning and told me my loan modification was declined because I was current on my mortgage. The lady specifically said if i was 120 days late or more than there possibly could have been a program available.

I cooperated with everything they asked me to do to get this done and in my financial hardship letter it stated that our family business is going to be closing down Feb 2nd and that there could very well be some missed payments and possibly even a forclosure. The lady literally said when you are close to 120 days late give us a call back and we will see what your options are. :blink:

Now here is my question, I am currently in a ch. 13 and I did not include my home. What if I waited 120 days to pay them and called them then to make a modification and they denied me again and then I continued to make payments to them 120 days later…what would countrywide do? My payment is $ 2045 and I know in February and March I’m not going to be able to pay it, I may be able to come up with half but thats all. My family and I plan on going back to work soon since our business is closing which would really help with the income in the house but “what if” we didnt pay the next 3 months and then picked up where we left of 3 months from now? Would countrywide want the entire 3 months of missing payments? Would I be able to continue to pay $ 2045 90-120 days later? I know it sounds dumb but does anyone think I would be able to call countrywide and explain to them after 90-120 days late why we couldnt pay them and that now we are back in shape to be able to make the payments? I’ve heard of something like they would just add those 3 or 4 months payments to the 30 year loan adding 4 more months to it?

I’m not trying to get around anything I just know I’m not going to be able to make these payments for a little while and I didnt want to go into forclosure because I want to keep my home but does anyone know if countrywide could take my home away from me for missing a few payments?

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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