Could we get approved for a mortgage?

My husband and I both together make about 85K a year, have only one carnote (325/mo)….. one credit card ($ 300 – Paid Down), and unsecured loan for 3K that we pay on. Everything’s been paid on time. I had a bankruptcy over 4 years ago, that was a Chapter 7 (whichever one was where you dont pay back). Everything since then has been paid on time, no excuses. Have completely cleaned up my credit report, paid any outstanding debts, paid off my carnote. My husband has 2 small items that he needs to take care of on his credit report……Our reports are only at like a 640. Can we get approved for a loan, do you think? We both have outstandingly long job history. Been at mine for 9, and he’s been there for 6yrs…….. What do you think>
We only looking for a home that’s in the 90K range, possibly up to 150k. WELL within our budget.

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