Could late utility bills prevent a mortgage loan?

No word yet on if they’ll need to see them, but it was brought up while applying for a pre-approval. Reason being my spouses credit has been idle a year, all prior accounts were paid as promised on time, just haven’t needed any new accounts, so he never bothered opening anything leaving him with a great credit history, but no score… My score and history is fine. So anyway my question…
We’re applying for an FHA loan (still waiting for pre-approval) the mortgage consultant said we will be pre-approved with contingencies (we’re currently waiting for the underwriter to get everything together). Now I’m not sure if he was referring to validating our utility bills as a contingency or if he was speaking of something different, maybe a last resort thing? I’m not sure… I know I should have asked at the time, but I didn’t think of it then. My dilemma is my utility payments have been late a lot. Never sent to collections, never received shut off notices, just a bill I never bothered to pay asap, lazy about it I guess lol.. Now I’m worried my utility bills will be a contigency in a loan. Is that a common contigency or am I misunderstanding the process?

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