Could i get a va loan?

My credit score is 562
Dti 17%
I have 6 months piti set aside
no debts
2 yrs same aparment
2 years same job

trying see if i should buy or wait
Yes I am veteran
I have 2 collections accounts that I have repayment plans with, they are both federal debts and will be paid in about 3 weeks.
My DTI is based on the home I am trying to buy, price has been rounded up for unexpected items.
6 months PITI based on that home
I have 0 debts, no CC, loans etc I refuse to use them for anything but a home and only that because I dont have that much set aside and my wife wants a home with our baby. I have cash set aside, own 2 vehicles outright one is new and the other older.
My collections came from the Army, who overpaid me on my last month but didnt let me know until 6 months later, they posted it in duplicate to my credit before I knew what happened and so their is the cause for damage.

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