Continuation of credit charge dispute……?

My vehicle was misdiagnosed by a dealer which lead to a so called $ 400.00 repair that wasn’t a repair. They then claimed I needed a computer but said a computer wasn’t available for the car. Realizing they were throwing parts at my car at my expense, I took it to a small auto shop. This guy discovered wires up against the intake manifold and made a correction. I was only charged the $ 65 diagnostic fee and the car is fine now. I faxed all this to my bank but they claim the small shop simply did what the dealer did. That doesn’t make sense or I wouldn’t have needed it repaired by a second shop. A supervisor from the dispute dept. is expected to call me back because I stated with the representative I wasn’t happy with the verdict. If the supervisor doesn’t see it my way either, what other course of action can I take.
The dealer didn’t drive the car to the point it would duplicate the drive ability problem prior to their fix but the drive ability problems showed up for them when I took it back within 30 minutes of picking it up. This is also where the small shop differed. They didn’t start to the diagnose the car until the symptoms showed up for them as where the dealer diagnosed without symptoms. The second diagnosis for the same problem from the dealer was virtually a no fix. They suggested it needed a computer that wasn’t available and a complete wiring harness replacement that they wouldn’t be prepared to do.
@jlf: You’re right, it is with the dealer. Unfortunately it couldn’t be resolved with them, so I disputed the charge. I disputed the charge because services did not address the problem with the car. They replaced a part that was a synmptoms of the problem not the problem. The 2nd shop found the problem and stated the part was affected by the wire issue, giving a bad reading.

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