Construction Loan 5% vs 10% at the table?

We applied for a construction loan of $ 190,000. It is a 90% loan where we would need to come to the table with 10%. I had asked if we could maybe change that to only us bringing 5% to the table. I wanted to add that after the appraiser reviewed the land, area, and our house plan, the appraisal came back at $ 255,000. If anyone knows if the underwriter/mortgage company would be more willing to allow us the 95% instead of the 90%? If so, do we have to start all the way over with the paperwork? How much should we figure the closing costs to be? That is separate from the actual downpayment right? Our interest rate is 8% (which I know isn’t good). How should I go about asking if we can change to 5%?

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