consolidation loan debt?

I bought a house built about 2 years ago and I make my mortgage and rent a lot. I have a 15-year mortgage.I have much credit card debt (I paid about $ 900 per month in minimum payments). I want them to consolidate into one payment, I like even if I live pay check to pay check that I am authorized and reimbursed and you close the account. just want a card with a low credit limit. Plus interest rates are high. I have good credit (about 685-710 people at last check) never missed a payment default or bankruptcy do etc. My question is that I should be able to get a consolidation loan without a co- signer and that is how to go. I also want to buy a new car (rental and we have a new one) do I want to roll together or separate loans and its even possible. Any guidance would be helpful thank you.

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