confused about career choices! Please help?

I am currently teaching high school world geography. Ect I have is in the classroom after enormous pressure from my wife, a teacher with his parents, brothers and sisters, aunts. I knew from my first day in class, that teaching was not for me war.vor teach a mortgage loan officer. Absoloutly loved my work, but live by the committee can be very unstable and downright frustrating. instability of my income, the financial burden at home, so conversion to teaching führt.Hier Careee more stable is a snapshot of my experience: BA courses. AA in sociology and the humanities work experience 2 years experience as a mortgage Offizier.Lehrerfahrung-1 year as a geography teacher in the world of high school Other experience-2 years as a teacher under suspension of the school, 1 year of working with people with developmental disabilities Behinderung.kann any body think of a $ 45K more stable career for someone with my background and education?

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